Train Your Dog Perfectly with The Best Wireless Dog Fence 2021

As you know, that dog is an extraordinary creation. It helps not only to give exceptional love but also protection from intruders. Thus, They need a unique system of security while you are busy with your stuff.

Do you want your dog to have a safe environment?

Do you care about their emotions?

So, you can watch their movements without staying with them as there is no wire involved in such a fence. So, It’s a harmless system for your dogs. 

Save your time and stop chasing your dog!

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The Best Wireless Dog Fence Product Reviews

Image Product Features Price
PetSafe Compact Wireless Fence system PetSafe Compact Wireless Fence system
  • You can add up Unlimited pets
  • It contains five levels of training
  • Best for all dogs
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PetSafe Stay&Play Wireless Fence, 7 IN PetSafe Stay&Play Wireless Fence, 7 IN
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable level of correction
  • One-year warranty
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Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence System Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence System
  • Unlimited pets support
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof collars
  • One-year warranty for replacement
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OKPET Vertical Dog Wireless Fence System OKPET Vertical Dog Wireless Fence System
  • FCC Certified
  • Good quality dog tags
  • Dogs friendly
  • Quick delivery
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Pet Control HQ Dog Fence Pet Control HQ Dog Fence
  • Remote control collars
  • 1-10 vibration levels
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Covers huge area
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1- PetSafe Compact Wireless Fence system

PetSafe Compact Wireless Fence system

It is the best electric fence older than six months. The waterproof collar suits the neck size of 6″ to 28″, suitable for pets of more than 5 pounds of weight.

Moreover, if you plan to go camping, take that portable fence with you; it covers ¾ Acres of a circular area. Further, It takes only 1-2 hours for installation to secure your dog.

When it comes to the system, it is wireless, and you don’t need to spend your time burying wires. Five static correction levels help your dog to proper change with it.

Furthermore, if your dog crosses the boundary,  you can bring him back with this portable fence.  


  • You can add up Unlimited pets
  • It contains five levels of training
  • Best for all dogs
  • For area extension, you need to buy another transmitter


 2. PetSafe Stay&Play Wireless Fence, 7 IN

PetSafe Stay&Play Wireless Fence, 7 IN

PetSafe Wireless fence suits 5lb or up dogs. It works with a 6-23 inches neck for non-metallic collar strap receivers. So, you can cover up to 105 feet. In that area, you will not bury any wire. 

Besides that, the collar is lightweight, and you can recharge it with a Li-ion battery. So, it will take 2-3 hours to charge completely and the full charge battery ends in 3 weeks.

For training purposes, there are five levels of correction with a single tone. 

Moving towards the specifications, the product size is 7″ x 6.3″ x6.3′ with 4.5lbs weight.

You will get in the package:

  • A waterproof collar
  •  Charger
  •  Power adapter for transmitter
  •  Training flags 50 in numbers
  •  A Li-ion battery
  •  Testing tool
  •  Product Manual and a warranty card


  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable level of correction
  • One-year warranty
  • The metallic roofs affect the transmitter life.


3. Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence System

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence System

The rechargeable best electric dog fence works with wire. You need to install 955 feet wire in-ground or on the surface. It comes with 2.76-pound with 13.5″ x 10.1″ x 2.7″ in dimension.

If you want to use it during travelling or any other place. Then, It’s a portable model, and you can take it anywhere when you need it. If you want to save time and money, it’s the best option for you. 

Mostly, people consider the assembling and disassembling that is so easy. The dog receiver collar is waterproof and can charge when needed.

Moreover, there are two modes of change. You can choose receiver collar vibration or shock mode for your dog. It contains five training levels for static correction and perfect for stubborn pets.

Further to this, a solid wire made of copper covers 1.2 Acres of area. It’s up to you may extend it up to 5 Acres. 


  • Unlimited pets support
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof collars
  • One-year warranty for replacement
  • The warning beep is not working correctly.


4. OKPET Vertical Dog Wireless Fence System

OKPET Vertical Dog Wireless Fence System

The Company, OKPET Vertical, brings one of the best wireless fence systems. Its control range is 1000 feet. By using the latest technology, it provides vital signals to the transmitter. Your dog gets calls in all of your home.

Apart from that, if your home is big enough, you can use two transmitters. It will increase the area to cover and give signals to every part. 

In like manner, The dog doesn’t receive a shock when passing the boundary. So, It will remind the dog first by giving a warning with vibration. Your dog understands it with time. The receiver keeps sending reminder sounds until the dog returns to the safe zone.

The package includes a 9.06×8.66×3.35 inches and 1.8lbs weight product.

It also includes;

  •  1 Dog Collar
  •  21 Training flags
  •  Two power adapters
  •  1 test light
  •  Two charging cables
  •  Two sets of screws
  •  Four conductive posts
  •  1 product manual
  • FCC Certified
  • Good quality dog tags
  • Dogs friendly
  • Quick delivery 
  • Writing on the product gets dim over time


 5. Pet Control HQ Dog Fence

Pet Control HQ Dog Fence

It is an above-ground wireless underground wire system of 492ft long wire that provides 10 acres of safe roaming area. You should buy it if you have dogs with 11 to 154 Pounds with an 8-27 inches neck size.

On top of that, you can control 1-3 collars with one remote. Due to 1-10 levels of vibrations, it’s easy for your dog to learn. Your pet starts enjoying the change and breaks stubborn behaviour.

A Waterproof collar gives three levels of auto-correction to help in learning. Your dog can even swim for 3 minutes in the pool.

The 4.8 Pounds product has a size of 13.39×12.99×2.83-inch. Its Lithium-ion battery charges in 2-3 hours which can stay charged for a week. The battery works for years and years without losing its charging ability.

The product box includes;

  • 1 Remote
  •  One transmitter with cables
  •  Charging cable and Power adapter
  •  492ft fence wire
  •  50 boundary training flags
  •  1 to 2 collar receivers
  •  One fence checking test light
  •  Tools
  •  1 Manual Guide


  • Remote control collars
  • 1-10 vibration levels
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Covers huge area
  • Little challenging to set up a shock collar


A Complete Buyer’s Guide for The Best Dog Wireless Fence

Before buying the best wireless fence for dogs, you must be aware of all the features. 

Let’s reveal the hidden treasures of that fence.

There are many kinds of wireless dog fences available. You should find a unique one. For this purpose, we have to get knowledge about specifications and prices. 

Selection of The Best Wireless Dog Fence

You should keep in mind the given points before buying a dog fence;


Enjoy the Budget-Friendly Fence

You do not need a considerable amount to buy the best wireless dog fence. That fences are affordable as compared to physical fence systems.

Furthermore, wireless system prices start from $50 up to $350. On the other side, a ground system can cost you about $3000. So, you need to buy e-collars if you have more dogs.  


Check the Area Compatibility

The area is the first thing to examine. There are different models of fences to cover your area. That area ranges from half an Acre to 25 Acres. 

Furthermore, the capacity to guard the zone defines its price. Many models have excellent coverage capabilities. If you have a small area, don’t waste money.

If you put it in another way, if you have a big area, go for the extendable boundary fence. 


Get Know The Weight of Dog 

The dog weight also matters as most of the systems support 5 to 8 pounds. With attention to small puppies, stay with them while playing outside. Anyone can take them or harm large animals. 

Moreover, a large dog needs a customized, strong collar to get intense signals. 


Number of Dogs to Control

Most of the best wireless networks control one to two dogs. The number of collars is also limited. I would suggest you buy a dog fence which grows with the number of pets.


Check The Garden Size 

You should check the size of your garden before going to buy. If it has a flat surface, the signals will reach every corner. But, an area with ditches or hills can influence the movements.


Hair Length Must Be Checked

Last but not least, the hair length also affects the performance of the electric dog fence. It may stop the transmitter signals. 


Follow The Experts Recommendations

Protection From Lightning

A home AC power gives the current to all the devices. It generates signals from the antenna of the transmitter. The power supply can increase at any time. So, the power company handles this issue. 

However, lightning protection is the main problem. Your dog can get free if there is such a problem. So, you should check the lightning protection feature.


Battery Back-up

A battery backup is part of the best dog wireless fence. If a power system fails due to any trouble, the help must be there as a precaution. 


Line Break Warning Sound

If there is any technical fault in the device, it should make a sound. Many people buy an RF Choke device from any electrical store. 


Transmitter Location

Remove all the large metallic objects. It stops the transmitter signals to the collar. Most electrical devices like fridges, ovens, and washing machines can cause a blockage. Your dog can skip from this gap. The first floor is always good to install your transmitter. Your Best Dog Wireless Fence Installation Tips are:


  • First, you should place the collar on the neck of the dog. Make sure it touches its skin. Always check the comfortable level of the dog.
  • Also, Your pet needs training which is an actual time-consuming process. Few tips will help you a lot.


Tip No. 1: 

After putting the transmitter collar, stay with your dog in the backyard. As you know, this wireless fence is invisible, which can shock your dog. Therefore, he will feel fear and panic at the start. Thus, you should be there to correct your dog to stay back in a safer zone.


Tip No. 2:

  • Take your dog near the boundary area. 
  • When he tries to cross the boundary, pull him back.
  • Command him to sit and stay inside. 
  • Hug him as a reward.


It will make him know it’s limited.


Tip No. 3: 

You need three days to keep the collar on the dog’s neck. It will help him to adopt the change and start correcting itself.


Tip No. 4: 

Lastly, your dog can have skin irritation due to the collar. You should remove the collar after 12 hours—batter to detach it at night and let him relax for the next day.


Benefits of Best Dog Wireless Fence

You will get the following benefits from a wireless fence:

  • Wireless fences are much cheaper than physical barriers.
  • These fences are portable, and you can use them while camping.
  • It’s easy to remove and install again.
  • Your dog becomes more confident and less dependent. 
  • The worries of a dog owner, vanish. 
  • There is no issue with the safety of your kids.


Fence System Maintenance

The best dog fence wireless system doesn’t need much to look after. You only need to charge the e-collar batteries.

Likewise, you should check the e-collar contact points every week. If it is not clear and clean, it can block the signals. 


Final Thoughts

No doubt, it’s a remarkable idea for all pet lovers that the best wireless fence is the sign of care for your pet. Everyone wants to give a better living environment for their pets with security. Further, the positive aspects of that system are more than the negative ones. So, make your pets safe and secure with complete control in your hands.

We have listed some famous and credible brands below. So, you can check them for better options.


Famous Brands

  • PetSafe
  • The Company of Animals
  • Grannicks Bitter Apple
  • Extreme Dog Fence
  • OUT!
  • Bodhi Dog
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • TropiClean



Does the dog fence with a wireless system work?

An invisible fence is the best solution for a pet owner to have complete control. The best wireless fences give a sense of freedom to your dog.


Can a dog run away from a wireless fence?

It is a great technology which holds the dogs to cross it without your desire. 


Are our wireless pet fences good?

Indeed, It’s a fantastic concept for dogs to keep them secure. You can install that portable system anywhere.


How much area does a wireless dog fence cover?

It depends on the brand and specifications. Transmitter-based fences give about 1000 feet circle cover.


Does a physical fence look good in your home?

A wood fence is not a good idea because of its construction cost—authorities permission required in case of any change. 


How close can a dog go near a wireless fence?

 It can go max 5 feet distance.


How long do you need to flag up a wireless fence?

 You should leave your flags from 2 weeks to 30 days.


Is the wireless fence brand worth money?

 Yes, Of course, The wireless fence brand gives the best performance.


How much for 1 acre of a wireless fence is?

 It costs from $200 to $325.


What is the meaning of a collar green flashlight?

In the Best Wireless Dog Fence, It shows the battery is full. It blinks every 30 seconds. But if the storm is about to die, it flashes in red colour every ten seconds.